If one corporation runs all the schools... 

...it owns the future!

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“Benjamin Gorman's Corporate High School is a must-read for anyone interested in joining the fight to save public education.  We proudly proclaim this book as badass and spot on about the fight to save the foundation of our democracy - strong public education for all.” 

-Marla Kilfoyle, General Manager

Badass Teachers Association


"Ben Gorman clearly knows high school students, and the importance of a free and public education for them. Corporate High School is fantastic!"

-Tanya Baker, Director of National Programs,

National Writing Project


"Gorman's gut-wrenching satire delivers the lesson that when a school is not a school, learning is rebellion and knowledge is a weapon."

-Karen Eisenbrey, author of St. Rage



Harriet has to start at a new corporate high school. Switching schools is always rough, but it’s harder for her because The Corporation got her dad fired and tossed her mother into jail. Now she’s moving across the country to be closer to her mom, and that means going to a new school, the kind of school The Corporation has been using for decades to make sure everyone does as they are told. But there’s something strange going on at Harriet’s new school. If she can just crack the code, she might be able to figure out a way to fight back!