New York Trip, upon our safe return

A week after we've come home, I've finally posted the info from our last day and a brief (believe it or not) retrospective on the trip as a whole. What a kick! I have heard the term Anglophile used to describe those who are infatuated with all things British. Would I be the first to coin the term New York-ophile? Probably not. I've asked Zach, Lauren, and Zach, my friends in the city, to send me only the most pleasant stories about their lives there, so that we can pressure Paige to agree to move there, but, as my friend and colleague Bill Gsell said, "Ain't gonna' happen." (Then I said that maybe she could be convinced if Noah went to college at Columbia or Fordham or NYU, and he marveled at what a terrible idea that was, noting that the absolute last thing Noah would want would be his geeky dad following him off to college. I'm pretty sure Bill thinks Noah is the unluckiest kid in the world, doomed to be warped into nerd-hood by his father. I assure you all, Noah is very happy, as you can see here:
Photo-0023 - Twango
For some reason, Paige hates that I posted that picture on the New York Blog. She'd prefer something like this, perhaps?
of=50,590,411 - Twango
Or this one?
of=50,590,443 - Twango

Anyway, it's good to be back.

Oh, and one of the student-teachers at school noticed and correctly identified my new shoes as Starburys. This is probably as close as I will ever come to cool!