The Sum of Our Gods is now in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina!

I know, I know. I don't post blog entries often enough. And when I do, they tend to be too long. I'm aware, okay? So here's a short and sweet post; today I got a letter from one of the administrators of the Biliotheca Alexandrina. You and I know it as The Great Library of Alexandria, Egypt. Through a friend, Ramez Salama, I submitted a copy of my first novel, The Sum of Our Gods, a few months ago, and they reviewed it and accepted it into their collection. That's right, something I wrote is in the most famous library in the history of libraries! Lamia Abdel Fatah, the Head of Library Sector, wrote, "Your gift will serve as a valuable tool for the patrons of the Library of Alexandria and will be enjoyed by this and future generations."  That still gives me the chills.

If you ever get the chance to visit the library, it is one of the most impressive architectural and cultural sites I have ever seen, a marriage of form and function that produces a kind of temple to the preservation of knowledge. It can't be fully captured in pictures, but I'll share a few.


And now, when you go, you can find The Sum of our Gods on the shelves. Unless it's checked out. Which would also be cool.