Poem: "For a Friend of Mine"

I wrote this for a friend who has been going through a rough time but is coming through it in a way I find admirable. She's an inspiration in more ways than one. She said I could post it. I'll bet many of us have friends like my speedometer!

For a Friend of Mine


My speedometer was broken

    is broken

         but less so.


When I drive at high speeds


    it sticks

         accelerating higher

              and higher

until it says I'm going 150 miles per hour

    even when the car is stopped.


But if I wait until the next day,


    it does come down

         just a bit

and after a week of

    low-speed days

it's back to



The repairman said he could fix it


    for slightly more

         than the car is worth.


I'll have to get a new one


    (speedometer or car.

         Haven't decided.)

but in the meantime,


I'm enjoying


    traveling in a metaphor

         for a friend of mine

              who was also broken

                   and gets a little more fixed

                        each day she starts.