My Pledge To Republicans and Democrats

I want to make a public pledge and encourage others to do the same:

If a Democrat is ever in the White House and there is reasonable suspicion that she/he is colluding with a foreign government who has committed acts of theft, espionage, or cyber warfare on the United States in order to influence our elections, or

...if a Democrat is in the White House and owns businesses that are regularly receiving payments from foreign governments in violation of the Constitutional prohibition against taking foreign bribes,

...and then my elected representatives in the House and Senate even appear to be dragging their feet, let alone blocking a full, independent investigation into the matter,

...I pledge to you that I will never vote for those representatives again, regardless of their party affiliation.


I might have a hard time voting for someone who didn't share my values from across the aisle, but I would never be able to trust someone from my own party who placed party loyalty above protecting our democracy.

What we are witnessing is not normal. We cannot let it become normal, or politicians from both parties may start looking for foreign assistance in manipulating our elections or soliciting bribes once they reach high office. The response to our current situation should not be partisan. I promise I would place the security of fair and democratic elections, and the reputation of the Presidency as an office free of suspicion of bribery, above party affiliation. Furthermore, I challenge all Republican voters to take the same pledge in order to put pressure on their elected representatives. Our democracy is more important than either political party.

If love of country trumps party loyalty for you, take this pledge and share it widely to let our elected representatives know these situations require independent investigations immediately.

To make this same pledge, share this or copy-and-paste to social media to maximize the reach.

-Benjamin Gorman

Just an American voter