A Devastating Hurricane: Donald Trump’s State of the Union Speech

A poem by President Donald Trump

(merely excerpted, edited, and arranged by Benjamin Gorman)



A people asked their President for a status update.

     He said,

          (Not shitting you. All his words.)

     he said,


“A new tide of optimism was already sweeping across our land.

                                                                  A devastating hurricane.


                            Hail of gunfire

                             took a bullet, almost died

                                 a safe, strong, and proud America

                       bombs in civilian hospitals

           detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay


                      old, broken



                                                                  A devastating hurricane.


                     Walls of flame

           the graves of our great heroes

want to be where the action is

         precious girls were brutally murdered


                                                                  A devastating hurricane.


                        A pregnant, homeless woman preparing to inject heroin

                  severely wounded by an explosion

            inserted a tube to reopen an airway

    horribly injured and on the verge of death

               a train ran over his limbs

                     endured multiple amputations

                        ate dirt, permanently stunting their own growth

Building a great wall


                                       traveled thousands of miles on crutches.

                                                                  A devastating hurricane.



                                 from the face of the Earth

           American heart, American hands, and American grit

         their corrupt dictatorship

       depraved character

          menace that threatens our world

                a special place called America

                          tortured to death

                             always serve American interests

                                  that is what Americans have always stood for,

                        always strived for, and always done

                                                                  A devastating hurricane.


              Depraved character

                          corrupt dictatorship

                               what the regime fears the most — the truth.

                                                Thank you,

                                         and God bless