Bobby's 5 Point Plan

Yesterday, shortly after the debate, I received this wonderful bit of satire from the mother of one of my students. With her permission (and a name change), I want to share it. Just try to convince me this isn't a spot-on description of Romney's campaign promises:

"Mr. Gorman,
"After watching the 3 debates, Bobby has developed his own 5 point plan for your writing class.  He feels he doesn't need to know what the points are, just that he has one.  He also thinks you should accept that his paper is done without seeing it.  He says it will be posted on his website.  Bobby wants to tell you that all the scores were passing scores, so don't worry if the math doesn't add up.  Finally, Mr. Gorman, Bobby wants me to use the Romney philosophy of parenting which is to trust that he has a plan but doesn't need to share it."