Why I'm giving my Movember donation to Planned Parenthood

Hi, I’m Benjamin Gorman, a public school teacher and an author. I decided to participate in Movember this year because I think it’s a simple, fun way to raise support for cancer research and cancer screenings. But instead of giving money to the Movember Foundation, an excellent, A rated charity that’s doing good work, I’ve decided to give my money to another A rated charity that does cancer screenings, Planned Parenthood. I think it’s great that groups like the Movember Foundation are working to bring awareness to men’s health issues, but let’s face it: nobody out there is trying to prevent men from getting cancer screenings. On the other hand, there are some people who are actively working to close down the facilities where lots of women get their cancer screenings just because they want to prevent women from making certain personal health decisions they disagree with. This shows a remarkable disrespect to women. It presumes that women aren’t reasonable enough to understand the argument anti-abortion activists want to make, so these anti-abortion activists threaten all the other health services offered by Planned Parenthood. No one is doing that to men. No one says that if men choose to get this health procedure or that health procedure, we’ll take away your access to screenings for testicular cancer. If people think abortion is wrong, that’s fine. Respect women enough to make your case and trust them to make ethical decisions. But don’t hold their healthcare hostage.

If you agree, please consider donating to this GoFundMe. 100% of all the money donated will be given to Planned Parenthood. If you disagree, show your disagreement by going to the website of the Movemeber Foundation and donating there. Then, post how much you gave them in the comments section below to show how much you didn't like this idea. That will really teach me a lesson. Either way, share this and let’s try to get everyone the access to cancer screenings that they deserve.