Submissions Are Starting to Come In!

Back in August I announced two contests that Not a Pipe Publishing is running through the end of this calendar year. The first is a contest open to current high school students who are interested in making a video trailer for Corporate High School (info here). The second is open to anyone; entrants can submit a design for a new cover for the book's second edition (details here). Those submissions are starting to come in now, and I wanted to share them to give everybody an idea of the kinds of great work people are submitting. Here are just a few, but you can see that they're very cool. In January we'll vote on the favorite of the finalists. If you are interested in submitting, send your submission to

From graphic artist Anna Martin:












And from photographer Brittney Nikkole Bettles:















Corporate High School-Copy.jpeg







And from Sannel Larson: 
















You can find more of Sannel's work here:
and follow Sannel on Twitter:

These artists are still working on polishing their submissions, so if you have suggestions for them or want to tell them what elements you like the best, feel free to leave those ideas in the comments section below!