Vote for the New Cover of Corporate High School

As described here previously, Not a Pipe Publishing has been holding a contest for the cover art of the forthcoming second edition of Corporate High School.  We've been accepting submissions since August and have even extended the deadline (accidentally), so the period of public voting will begin on New Year's Day and continue until midnight on Friday, January 15th.  You may vote once a day for only one of the cover designs (as there can be only one winner), but please feel free to chime in in the comments section below if you have ideas about how the different artists' work might be mixed or modified in some way. Before the votes are even cast, I want to thank all the folks who submitted. Here are the finalists:

Anna Martin's submission: 










Brittney Nikkole Bettles' submission:












Sannel Larson's submission:

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Remember, you may vote once per day! *
Remember, you may vote once per day!

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