Hike in the Wallowa Mountains

We went for a hike today (almost 11 miles long and more than 2400 feet up) high into the Wallowa mountains to a pair of lakes near the top. It was beautiful, and I am sore everywhere. Along the way, I had the realization that I didn't need to be carrying five pounds of trail mix in my pack. I planned to make some snarky joke online about this bit of poor planning when I got home, but when I mentioned that to my friends, they got excited about the mix and helped me diminish the weight. (Life lesson: Problems are fodder for snark in the digital space, but they are solved in the meat space.) While I walked, I came up with a poem. Lemme know what you think!


The Hike 



After breakfast

We hefted our packs

And climbed to the place


Where the sky perches on top of the mountains

And looks down at the world. 


I fed the sky

Trail mix and Mountain Dew. 



Grateful for the M'n'Ms

And high on caffeine, 

She became a grateful sky

And taught us to see forever.