Announcement: Student-Made Book Trailer Scholarship Contest

Not a Pipe Publishing is proud to announce our first ever scholarship contest. Rather than hire someone to create a book trailer for Corporate High School, we feel it's far more appropriate to give that money to further a student's education. After all, the novel is a YA dystopia  that encourages young people to join in the fight to save public education; shouldn't the trailer be made by a student?  


  • Must be created by students currently attending high school.

  • Should accurately advertise or tease the plot of the novel Corporate High School 

  • Should be less than two minutes long

  • Should be uploaded to YouTube with a link sent to

  • Must be entered by December 31st, 2015

The winner(s) will receive: 

Any questions about the contest should be directed to

Spread the word! 

Join the fight to save public education!

Win some cash for your own education!


Download this flyer to post in your classroom or share with a friend:

(Clicking on the picture will download the file in .pub form.)








*Not a Pipe Publishing will give out multiple scholarships depending on the number of submissions and reserves the right to withhold all scholarships until a sufficient number of qualified participants have submitted entries. Videos submitted to Not a Pipe Publishing may be used, in whole or in part, by Not a Pipe Publishing for promotional purposes without limitation, though the creator retains ownership of the video.  Entrants should avoid the use of copyrighted material such as images or music in their videos, but the use of imagery and quotes from Corporate High School are granted to scholarship applicants by the copyright holder, Benjamin Gorman, for the purposes of this scholarship contest only.