T-Shirt Design Contest

Are you a talented artist or someone looking to get more attention for your work? Do you know someone who has graphic art skills and deserves to be noticed? I'm looking for some designs for t-shirts that compliment the novel Corporate High School. Here's the tricky part; because the book is a dystopia, the title refers to something people should not be supporting. It's like saying, "I love the world of 1984!" or "I'm hanging out in a Brave New World!" (Okay, that last one was actually kinda' funny, and I would wear that shirt, but people who haven't read Brave New World wouldn't get it.)  Anyway, I'm looking for something that advertises for the novel (maybe a spoof of one of those school seal t-shirts) but also encourages people to join in the fight against corporation of our public schools. Well, you're the creative folks, so you go for it. Submit your ideas to the Facebook Page or send the images to NotAPipePublishing@gmail.com The runners-up will be posted here along with links to the artists' pages or other works, and the winner will get lots of press and a free copy of the shirt made from her/her design. So have fun with it, and tell a friend!